Wednesday, 14 September 2011

budding photographer

A few days ago my son stumbled across the small digital camera.  He wanted me to show him how to use it, so I decided why not!  I emptied the SD card and showed him how to hold it and to line up his shots.  He took a bunch of photos around the house, and he loves trying to capture digital images.  I will post another day the best of his shots, but today I got a photo of him in the back garden lining up a shot (probably my camera!) Anyways, here he is.  My only regret is we had just finished snack time... so forever the child with food on/around his mouth!  lol

and here is a shot of the skyline from my back garden. The sky made for a beautiful view!

Saved for last is the wildly growing flower in my garden, complete with bee! I did photoshop the grass, and stripped the color back, hope you like it.

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