Saturday, 1 October 2011

WASPS Creative Pop Up Weekend

WASPS Creative POP UP Weekend
Open from 12noon to 5pm
Saturday 1st/Sunday 2nd October.

Kids painting workshop with WASPS artist, Volker Rosenberg 1-2.30pm Sat and Sun.
Pottery throwing demonstrations by Cathrine Holtet at Douglas Court on Saturday & Sunday
Scarlet Bakery see demos on Sunday.


WASPS Artists (From all three Dundee locations)
Genna Delaney, Nicola Morrison, Jennifer Robson, Paola McClure, Louise Kirby,
Volker Rosenberg, Neil McIntee, Casey Campbell, Jill Skulina, Liz Myhill, Louise Ritchie, Kirsty Doig, Cathrine Holtet, Jonathan Hood, Allan Beveridge, Lindsey Anderson, Lindsey Gardiner 

Airlie Place
Two Dolls                                                        
Steven Higginson                                            
Amanda McAllum                                          
Patricia Griffin                                                
James Skelton Smith                                       
Lee Mitchell
Christina Hirst                                                 
Jen Urch Sac Majique
Kelly McAllister
Syrah Jay                                                         

Meadow Mill
Howard Callow
Dot Stewart
Juliette Townsend 
I was able to photograph at the Airlie Place location on October 1st. 

Watch this space for photos and further artists details...


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

budding photographer

A few days ago my son stumbled across the small digital camera.  He wanted me to show him how to use it, so I decided why not!  I emptied the SD card and showed him how to hold it and to line up his shots.  He took a bunch of photos around the house, and he loves trying to capture digital images.  I will post another day the best of his shots, but today I got a photo of him in the back garden lining up a shot (probably my camera!) Anyways, here he is.  My only regret is we had just finished snack time... so forever the child with food on/around his mouth!  lol

and here is a shot of the skyline from my back garden. The sky made for a beautiful view!

Saved for last is the wildly growing flower in my garden, complete with bee! I did photoshop the grass, and stripped the color back, hope you like it.

BeccaBakes stopped around mine this morning...

As always, her food looks so lovely,
and I *must* photograph it!
  They will be savored tonight at the weekly
Crazy Crafters Club at mine tonight.  Yum!  Cant wait!